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CCM June - Quiz Answers

A County Quiz by Craig Tranter

Q1) Durham

Which venue staged Durham’s first competitive match in 1882 & who were the opponents?

Answer – Ashbrooke Ground, Sunderland (Opponents – Northumberland)

Q2) Derbyshire

In total, how many competitive honours have Derbyshire won in their history?

Answer – 5

CC 1936, 2012 – Division 2 title

Sunday League 1990

NatWest Trophy 1981

B&H Cup 1993

Q3) Essex

The first definite mention of cricket in connection with the county is recorded in a book called ‘The Dawn of Cricket’, but who was the author?

Answer – H.T.Waghorn

Q4) Glamorgan

At which Welsh Rugby Stadium did Glamorgan play its initial first class match against Sussex in 1921?