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Rohan Handa – A future talent

This is the kind of good news story that we all need.  It is always a delight to see real talent at such an early age, but when it comes in the guise of a leg-spin bowler and is combined with an endless enthusiasm,  it’s then that it needs to be nurtured and celebrated. In today’s plentiful world it is getting less and less common for a young person to find solace in a wooden bat and a leather ball, but this lad has the boundless energy and guile required to excel. 

Rohan ‘Ronnie’ Handa is a 12 year old leg spin all-rounder.  He was born in Sydney, Australia and moved back to Winchester, England as a four year old. He took up cricket two years later and joined Twyford Cricket Club, where he picked up club awards each of the four years he was with them. A main highlight at the club was a hat-trick maiden in a cup match in the 2018/2019 season.  He was with Hampshire County Central since the age of seven and then a family move to Surrey in 2019 saw Rohan move to Hartley Wintney Cricket Club, Hampshire County North and Rajasthan Royals UK Academy u12s.

“Rohan is an extremely talented boy and is working really hard to improve his skills.....I am excited that he is someone who we want to monitor and is showing all the promise.” SID LAHIRI - Academy Director at Rajasthan Royals UK Academy.